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Keep calm. Drive on.

Time to unwind. The SEAT Ibiza is designed to keep you safe and sound, so you’re free to focus on the big picture. Like how much fun you’re having.


Breathe easy.

Smart driver and passenger airbags protect against all possibilities. Drive in safe hands.

Stay safe

You’ve got backup.

 Tiredness recognition. For whatever the road brings you.

Electronic Stability Control

Taking care of business.

At the first sign of a slip the Ibiza automatically slows down, stopping skids in their tracks.

How it works

Hill Hold Control

The sky’s the limit.

Keep on climbing. Hill Hold Control makes hill starts easy, with no fear of rolling back.

How it works

Tyre Pressure Monitor

Take on the road with confidence.

Want to drive like you mean it? Your Ibiza's tyres can handle the pressure.

Want to learn more about the SEAT Ibiza?

" Some  visuals  might differ from what is offered in the local market "

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