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Feeling good. Living great.

The advanced safety systems in the SEAT Leon are designed to work actively and passively to always keep you protected. For true peace of mind.

Electronic Stability Control

Taking care of business.

At the first sign of a slip the Leon automatically slows down, stopping skids in their tracks.

Front and rear parking sensors

No need to ask. We’ve got you.

The Front and Rear Parking Sensors makes it possible to manoeuvre cars into tight parking spaces without problems. 

Cruise Control

Dynamic usage.

The cruise control allows one to travel at a constant speed, without the need to use the pedals during long journeys this results in a much more relaxed and safe journey. It is easy and intuitive to use.

Tiredness Recognition System

You’ve got places to go.

A busy lifestyle can wear you out. The Tiredness Recognition System keeps you fresh and alert.

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