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About Kayan

The beginning

Kayan Egypt for Trading & Investment is a shareholding company that was established in 2013, and has been appointed by SEAT S.A as the sole importer for SEAT in Egypt since that date.

Our achievements

The success story

With the continuous cooperation with SEAT S.A, Kayan Egypt achieved a massive breakthrough for SEAT in the Egyptian market. Through a sales volume of more than 8,000 units during this period, and expanding its dealers’ network to 8 sales points and 8 service centers covering 5 different main governorates in Egypt.
Mr. Karim Naggar who has more than 30 years’ experience in managing leading automotive brands like Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Škoda is the main shareholder in KAYAN with 99.8%.

Our vision

Modern mobility solutions

Kayan’s vision for SEAT is to hold a top of mind brand consideration, by offering diversified portfolio and exploring new segments in different areas of the Egyptian market.

Our future

Expand to new aspects

Our future plans as announced by Mr. Karim Naggar is to start an assembly line for SEAT in Egypt before year 2020, as part of our believe that SEAT has a very high potential in the Egyptian market, which will pave the way for a bigger market share in the Egyptian market.

Hola Leoners!

The fourth-generation is here!

The launch of the best-selling model in Egypt; the new SEAT Leon that was revealed in an exceptional night to thrill our beloved Leoners in a cool way. It was inspired by the Barcelona spirit through its unique colors and creative urban art culture.

Volkswagen Group School of Applied Technology

Kayan Egypt for Trading & Investment announces the signing of a cooperation protocol to establish the Volkswagen Group School of Applied Technology with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, which aims to develop technical education and improve technician’s level.


Keeping environment safe

Ready for COVID-19 second wave

Karim Naggar: Car factories in Europe will remain open and the imported quota will be fixed.


The best is yet to come

SEAT & CUPRA 2021 Plans

Karim Naggar's full interview with Almal Auto.


The huge 7-seater

The launch of the new SEAT Tarraco

The event's concept was “WITNESS THE WONDER OF 7” and it has been chosen because 1. the event was held at The Great Pyramids of Giza and it’s one of The Seven Wonders of The World 2.Kayan Egypt has been in Egypt for 7 years  3.we were Launching the huge German 7-seater         4.the date of the event was on the 7th of October.                   

Market overview

2021 models coming out

Karim Naggar: The recent rise in Euro has led to an increase in vehicles' prices.


CNG vehicles

Converting to CNG in Egypt

Karim Naggar's full interview with BBC News Arabic.


COVID-19 Crisis Consequences

Shifting to E-marketing

Karim Naggar: Automotive companies must switch from traditional to digital marketing to deal with social, economic changes due to COVID-19.


COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 is killing oil industry

Karim Naggar: Falling oil prices will not be beneficial for many countries.



More Expansion


Karim Naggar reveals the final date of the CUPRA brand launch.


Egypt Automotive Annual Summit 2019.

The honorary president

Karim Naggar's interview with Extra News during Egypt Automotive Annual Summit 2019.  


Preparations to launch CUPRA brand soon

SEAT leads 2019 sales

Karim Naggar: SEAT leads 2019 sales and Skoda is expected to lead 2020 sales.
Karim Naggar: We highly believe in the Egyptian market and we are preparing to launch the new CUPRA brand soon.

KAYAN Egypt's owner interview

2019 Customs deduction

Karim Naggar's full interview with DMC.


Egypt Automotive Annual Summit 2018.


Egypt Automotive 2018 "Naggar": Automotive industry is moving toward electrifying and our main issue is the transition period.



Egypt Automotive Annual Summit 2018.


 Karim Naggar: cars' prices deductions are conditional. 


Volkswagen will be the top electric cars manufacturer by 2030.


Successful businessman


Karim Naggar: Automotive industry is moving toward electrifying.


Karim Naggar: 75% of the imported cars in Egypt are prohibited to be licensed in Europe. 24.10.2018

Local auto industry strategy

Egyptian market regulations

Karim Naggar: Asian cars will be banned from the Egyptian market if «EU5» is applied.




SEAT new assembly project

Moving forward

Karim Naggar: Volkswagen Group gave SEAT the lead in the 2020 assembly project in Egypt


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