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New Leon: Comfort & practicality.

The all-new SEAT Leon is designed to offer the optimum in comfort, practicality and convenience, offering an unprecedented level flexibility and adaptability to match the needs of the customer no matter what life throws at them.

The all-new SEAT Leon uses the advanced MQB Evo plaftform as its foundation to maximise the key elements that make it one of the most practical options in the market. Inside, thanks to increased overall vehicle dimensions, everything has been designed to be ergonomically precise, increasing interior space for rear occupants, while load space is improved (for the Sportstourer version) over the previous generation making it an even more practical choice.

Larger dimensions bring increased comfort and space for passengers and luggage.

But comfort and practicality isn’t solely judged on dimensions, and the all-new SEAT Leon integrates technologies that help not only the interior feeling and ambience but also make sure occupants are as relaxed and calm as possible.

Packaged to perfection

The central building block to making the all-new SEAT Leon the perfect mix of design and practicality is the advanced MQB Evo platform. Giving the design team greater flexibility, the Leon is now 4,368mm long (+86mm) and 1,456mm high (-3mm) in 5-door form, while the Sportstourer is 4,642mm long (+93mm) and 1,448mm high (-3mm), but both have an increased wheelbase of 2,686mm, 50mm more than the previous generation vehicle. And the latter increase has meant greater room inside.

The all-new SEAT Leon’s rear space has improved by 49mm, meaning occupants remain comfortable whether the journey is a short local hop or an adventure further afield. Improvements in the dimensions don’t only have a positive impact on space for passengers, but makes the Leon a more practical option for carrying more in the boot. The 5-door’s capacity remains 380 litres, but the Sportstourer now offers 620 litres of stowage space, 33 litres more that the previous generation. And with the rear seats folded down both vehicle variants offer more space: the 5-door’s capacity grows to 1,301 litres (+91 litres) while the Sportstourer offers an outstanding 1,750 litres (+130 litres).

Technology to sooth

It isn’t only increased dimensions that have allowed the all-new SEAT Leon to excel in the comfort and practicality stakes, integrating the latest technologies have had a huge impact too.

The move to the DSG automatic transmission means the introduction of shift-by-wire technology. The system is designed so that the gear selector is not connected to the gearbox mechanically, instead using electronic signals to shift, and means the interior is freed from the bulk of a manual transmission offering more roominess while at the same time allowing new storage boxes to be included.

And to make sure all occupants are comfortable, Three Zone Climatronic means driver, front and rear passengers can set different temperatures. But that isn’t all, as iClimates gives quick access to functions that allow occupants to fine tune comfort preferences.

An Air Quality Sensor located in the air intake area provides the system with an air quality reading, so in situations where there are bad odours or the air is highly polluted, it will close the outdoor air flap and recirculate the indoor air. And the recirculated air uses AirCare that pushes it through a passive filter on request.

And when the weather turns cooler the all-new SEAT Leon offers Winter highlights, so it’s ready no matter what the conditions are like outside.

For the very first time, the all-new SEAT Leon offers parking heater which means you can warm the vehicle cabin before getting in – perfect on the coldest days of the year. Steering wheel and seats are heated. In addition, the later will include the Smart Heated Seats function that learns from the passengers habits and predictively warms the seats

Practicality is guaranteed with the inclusion of a 230V plug – useful if you have a last mile mobility device such as a KickScooter that needs charging. Four Type C USB ports are also included – two in the front and two in the rear – make connecting smart devices simple whether you just need to recharge or want to access your digital life.

Calm and collected inside

Thanks to the use of isolating materials, the all-new SEAT Leon’s global interior noise is 1-2 dB(A) lower than the previous generation, while rolling noise at lower frequencies is 2-4dB quieter. Vibrations too have been reduced by increasing vehicle stiffness by 15%.

Noice reduction was achieved by incorporating a number of improvements to the trim and other areas. There’s additional absorption felts in the A-pillar trims, on the rear bumper in front of the vents, on the tailgate trim and beside the air vents. That isn’t all that’s been updated.

A new firewall damping concept has been introduced with heavy layers of different thickness depending on the application zones, wheel arches use polyurethane foam covers which offer better acoustic performance, this material has also been used in the rear side panels. A third acoustic layer has been added to the trunk side trims, and there’s double sealing on the doors to reduce wind noice, finally, on diesel variants, an acoustic windshield has been added.

The all-new SEAT Leon is the epitome of flexibility and adaptability, developed to fit occupants like a glove, providing the feeling of security, but designed to maximise the roominess, comfort and tranquility to make it the perfect vehicle for any journey.

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