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Connected cars, connectivity solutions.

As technology upgrades and advances, new opportunities we previously could only imagine become reality. The same is true for the auto industry, with cars becoming more connected every day. For years, SEAT have been betting on car connectivity with a vision for Future Today.

The Future Today vision that SEAT are backing is based on utilising the most cutting edge technologies today to create a better tomorrow. Connectivity is one of the fundamental pillars of the Future Today initiative, with SEAT technologies such as Full Link and My SEAT App central to this idea.

There are many different ways for vehicles to be connected vehicles. Drivers can contact with multitude other connection points surrounding them, either in their immediate vicinity or further away. Currently, cars can interact with surrounding infrastructure, other vehicles, a cloud network, pedestrians, or any mixture or all of these options.

These types of connections are typically referred to as:
V2I – Vehicle to Infrastructure
V2V – Vehicle to Vehicle
V2C – Vehicle to Cloud
V2P – Vehicle to Pedestrian
V2X – Vehicle to Everything

What are connected cars?

Essentially, connected cars are cars that are equipped with the capacity to interact with any of the above listed points of contact. Typically, contact is made through internet connection or a wireless local area network.

SEAT offer many solutions to make your car connected, such as Full Link, Infotainment Systems, and Amazon Alexa integration. The Full Link technology system brings the smartphone experience to you while you’re driving, all in a safe manner so you don’t have to take your concentration off the road.

Thanks to integration with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and MirrorLink in SEAT’s Full Link technology, drivers can access their phone’s content and functionalities directly via the car’s SEAT Digital Cockpit touchscreen. Every drive becomes more safe and fun with Full Link, using the Mirrorlink technology to give you a connected driving experience.

See more about Full Link in our video:

Using Amazon Alexa in Cars

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, SEAT revealed that they would be the first carmaker in Europe to integrate Amazon Alexa into its vehicles. This ground-breaking initiative is already available in models like the Leon hatchback, Ateca SUV, Ibiza city car, Arona crossover, and will be available in the new Tarraco large SUV.

Amazon’s voice service offers users advanced connectivity in SEAT cars. Using voice commands, drivers will be able to manage their personal agenda, find songs and tell their car soundsystem what music to play, locate points of interest while driving, keep up to date with real-time news, and locate your nearest car dealership or garage for any necessity. The service can be used in either English or German.

Amazon Alexa integration is particularly useful if you’re driving through places you’re not familiar with, such as when you’re on holiday. Simply ask Alexa, already integrated into your SEAT car, for tips or recommendations on nearby places, such as restaurants, points of interest, directions, request songs or the name of the song playing on the radio, and much more.

Full Link – car app for connected driving

In your SEAT, you can connect your car with the Full Link car connectivity app to keep up to date on everything that is happening in your car. This easy and interactive app gives you alerts, status reports and trip data at the most convenient times.

Personalise it to your vehicle and get valuable insights into your vehicle that can tell you when you should visit a mechanic for routine maintenance checks, and you can even book a car service with a dealer and mechanic straight from the app.

Learn more about the Full Link here.

Full Link offers easy mobility, let’s you speak with your family, friends and colleagues hands-free while driving, and much more. The Full Link App is the easiest and safest way to keep up-to-date and entertained while maintaining full concentration on the road.

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