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Car types. Buy a SEAT.

If you want to buy a car that suits your needs and lifestyle, have a look at the SEAT range. From great city cars to spacious people carriers; from sleek sports coupes to long distance saloons, each one is engineered with the highest standards that make them efficient, powerful and totally enjoyable to drive.

With bold sporty lines and delicate aesthetic touches, you can buy cars from SEAT that really look the part. with a choice of frugal engines that deliver class-leading performance delivering impressive fuel economy.

Inside every SEAT, there’s advanced technology to keep you safe and innovative media systems to keep you entertained. Comfort is never overlooked with ergonomically designed consoles and luxurious interiors.

Family cars

Just when you thought that family cars meant no fun, along came the stylish Ateca, the spacious Alhambra, the versatile Leon Sportourer ST and latest of all: the SEAT Tarraco large SUV. 

SEAT Ateca
The award-winning 4Drive (4WD) was the first SUV for families that we produced, and it has since become one of our top selling cars thanks to its stylish design, latest technology and high performance. We encourage you to try it out if you want your family to ride safely and with full comfort.

SEAT Leon Sportourer ST
If you are in love with the design and sportiness of a SEAT Leon but need some extra space, this is your best choice: keep the great style and add some room to fit anything from extra luggage to sports accessories in this estate car with a big boot ideal to fulfil the needs of your family.    

SEAT Alhambra
This is indeed the best minivan for a large family because it has capacity for 7 people plus a generous boot for extra luggage to meet all the needs of each family member. A big vehicle to accompany you on your daily routines and to take you on exciting road trips.

SEAT Tarraco
Our range of family cars is getting bigger with the new SEAT Tarraco, a 7-seater large SUV ideal for families and weekend getaways. Although it fits in the SUV cars category, the Tarraco is certainly also a great vehicle to enjoy with the family, as it is well built with capacity to fit all kind of sports accessories, and engineered to take any road you choose to take on with its 4x4, 4-wheel drive capacity.


Times are changing, and drivers are demanding Sport Utility Vehicles like never before. For this reason, at SEAT we want to provide a wide range of SUV and this has made it our fastest growing car category within our range, with already 3 car models to fit all your needs:

SEAT Arona
Our urban small SUV is made to cruise the city streets in style while enjoying the latest technologies, especially now that the new SEAT Arona Beats was launched with the best car sound system for sale. 

SEAT Ateca
This SUV never disappoints anyone, that’s why the sales and satisfaction rate are increasing every month. Who doesn’t dream about driving an SUV with so much style and great performance? This big car is the best companion in your daily routine, for road trips with the family or adventures with friends.

SEAT Tarraco
The young brother but the bigger of them. SEAT SUVs are becoming more sophisticated every time, and the SEAT Tarraco is a clear proof of that. The elegancy and power of this large 7-seater SUV make it the carmaker’s flagship vehicle.


SEAT crossovers are designed for maximum versatility and performance on any surface and under any conditions. 

SEAT Arona

This crossover SUV is a very versatile vehicle that can take you from the streets of a peaceful city to the roads of an exciting mountain trip. Test its performance in different situations and discover all the features that prepare it for a comfortable and fun experience.

Small city cars

At SEAT, our range of small cars is extensive. But the only thing that’s small about them is the size. The ideas behind them are big, and the technology you find inside is inspiring on a grand scale.

SEAT Ibiza

There is no doubt why the SEAT Ibiza is one of our most famous vehicles. This compact city car is equipped with the latest technology that makes it one of the most comfortable, safest and most enjoyable cars to drive in its class.


At SEAT, we have a wide range of hatchbacks in our line-up, as practical as they are stylish. Whether you’re looking for a three door or a five door, a SEAT hatchback offers great convenience and a sporty look.

This car model is the most practical of our SEAT hatchbacks due to its medium size: very convenient to store big luggage, and compact enough to park anywhere in the city and to drive on a road with all safety and stability. It is also available as station wagon: SEAT Leon Sportourer ST.

SEAT Ibiza
This small hatchback is youthful and ideal to drive around the city. The SEAT Ibiza’s performance, manoeuvrability and fuel economy have made it one of the most desirable cars on the road. Boasting dynamic, modern styling and a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, it clearly stands out from the crowd.

Now you can also find it with the BeatsAudio system, the sound system created by the Beats By Dre brand, which offers the highest sound quality while you’re cruising.

Estate cars

Estate cars don’t come much more desirable than the SEAT Leon Sportourer ST. Two cars that give you more space without sacrificing style. Cars that are not only dynamic and sporty to drive, but perfect for the family too.

SEAT Leon Sportourer ST

This station wagon combines the style of a SEAT Leon with big boot, indeed the essence of an estate car. With powerful TSI and TDI engines that optimise efficiency, this SEAT estate car sets a new standard for cars in this class, bringing the dynamic design and cutting-edge technology that define the Leon range to the practicality and versatility of the estate.

Minivans, MPV

Compared to an average minivan, the SEAT minivan is a mini miracle. A car that is big enough, and flexible enough to transport your whole world with you – safely and comfortably. It has a taller build for easy entry and exit, an optional automatic sliding door and enough space for seven passengers.

SEAT Alhambra

A versatile 7 seat MPV with 2340 litres of space with a serious amount of fun technology. The Alhambra is a car that has adaptability. This is the key to what makes a practical MPV. It is a car that offers more headroom and interior space. But what makes that space special is how you can change it to suit your needs.

Sports cars

When it comes to sports cars, SEAT has always been a reference point, a mark of distinguished quality, with its sleek sporty designs and youthful models.

SEAT brought the racing spirit to the streets with its CUPRA division, selling iconic cars such as the discontinued Ibiza CUPRA or the SEAT Leon CUPRA.

These cars, also used by SEAT Sport for racing purposes, no longer belong to the automotive company. But there’s no need to panic: the brand is now independent and becoming stronger than ever with the new car launch, CUPRA Ateca, and the rebranded CUPRA León. 

SEAT FR version
If you don’t wish to drive such a powerful car but still want a sporty touch and feel at the wheel, your best pick is a car with the FR version. With sporty design lines and athletic looks, a car with the sport accessories and finishes will make you rule the road with style and attitude. 

Connected cars

If there is one thing that characterises the new generation of SEAT cars it is the huge investment in innovative technologies for connected cars to ensure a comfortable and safe ride with Apps that provide extra information to help the driver:

  • Discover first-hand and real-time information on any issue the car is experiencing: e.g. low tyre pressure
  • Locate the nearest SEAT Service mechanic to solve any problem, among other solutions

Thanks to MirrorLink®, drivers can also connect a smartphone to the car and enjoy music apps or navigation systems, for example, directly displayed on the car’s digital dashboard.

Fuel efficient cars

SEAT offers a wide range of fuel efficient engines for all its car models, from ECOMOTIVE to TSI, the most known type of low-consuming cars from the brand.

SEAT is now becoming strong in the gas market thanks to its TGI models, which combine gasoline with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). 

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