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Safety features

Taking the stress out of driving.

Today’s driver has more things than ever to watch out for on the roads. That’s why the SEAT Ateca comes with the latest safety features to let you focus on what’s important. The drive.

Tiredness recognition system

Always alert.

This closely monitors driver behaviour - noting any erratic steering wheel movements and lane deviations, it will alert you with a visual display on the dashboard and a warning sound. If the driver hasen't taken a break within 15 minutes, the system will repeat the warning.

LED front fog lamps with cornering function.

Enlighten your way

The fog lights provide an additional illumination when cornering. When you turn the steering wheel or indicate, the front fog light lights the area you're turning into As a result, you get a better view of potential hazards, faster. They also alert other road users.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Stay in control.

The tyre pressure monitor helps the driver to keep a check on tyre pressures. Continuous monitoring ensures a high level of safety. The correct tyre inflation pressure extends the tyre life and fuel consumption is lower.

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