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Music, cinema & sushi on wheels.

Can you imagine going to a concert and being in the front row, but all the while sitting in your car? The world is facing a new reality where social distancing is key. In this situation, cars have become part of our controlled and safe environment.

Giant screen viewing from your car.

Enjoying the cinema, a concert or food from the best restaurants; all without leaving your car.

They were a big hit in the 50s and now they’re back. Giant screen, comfortable seats and surround sound, all without getting out of your car. Today, drive-ins are experiencing an unprecedented boom. In many European countries like Germany and Spain their number has doubled in just one month, as social distancing can easily be ensured. New technologies also mean that people do not have to leave their cars at all, and can even order food online. “We know that people are eventually going to get back in the swing of leisure and culture, but we predict that there will be changes. As a novelty, tickets will be sold exclusively online for our drive-in cinema so we can control the admission, and people can order food via an app”, says Nando Coderch, CEO of the Cinemacar Alicante drive-in.

Concerts on wheels.

Going to a concert may be one of the things we put off the longest when faced with the impossibility of keeping our distance... or not. Several music events have already taken place in Germany. Among them was an exclusive live concert with German pop star Tim Bendzko at a drive-in cinema in Düsseldorf. “We’ve transformed drive-ins into musical experiences and vehicles into concert halls to enable people to enjoy a live event in complete safety”, emphasises SEAT Global Marketing Director Jason Lusty. The concert was even live streamed. “This concert is a good example of how SEAT has made its commitment to music a live experience, where your car becomes a safe concert venue”, says SEAT Germany Marketing Director Giuseppe Fiordispina.

More than fast food.

Driving to a restaurant to pick up a food order without getting out of your car is nothing new. But two things have changed: the turnout, which is much higher now, and the type of restaurant. It is no longer limited to so-called fast food outlets. Large chains and well-known restaurants have embraced take-away, so it’s not just hamburgers you can munch in your car. You can also enjoy the most elaborate menus. “Cars enable us to have safe experiences. We will use them again to drive to the coast for our holiday, visit relatives or go to the drive-in cinema”, says Lucas Casasnovas, the Head of Urban Mobility at SEAT.

Your shopping delivered to the boot of your car.

Doing your online grocery shopping and not having to wait for home delivery is now possible. Some shopping centres have set up pick-up areas in their car parks where users can park their vehicles and have their purchases placed in the boot without having to get out. “If this trend continues, we’ll have to adapt ourselves and our designs to these new needs”, concludes Lucas.

More comfortable.

Now that our vehicles have been converted into cinemas, makeshift canteens and offices on wheels, there are several accessories that make them more operational. Below are five examples that will make cars as safe and comfortable as our homes in this new standard of normal.

Always connected.

With SEAT’s new Full Link technology, devices connect to the infotainment system so that all information is shared. It’s 100% compatible with Apple and Android and easy to install.

The coffee break.

Since not everything is work, being able to enjoy a freshly made coffee during a break is also possible in your car. The best accessory for coffee lovers who have a vehicle with a 12V socket is the AutoSet espresso machine.

Smart lighting.

Interior lighting is very important if your car becomes usable living space. The new SEAT Leon has different types of ambient light in various shades. If you prefer not to use the car’s light, you can also use a warm, glare-free LED light with USB connector with a service life of 20,000 hours.

Keep everything handy.

And to make sure that everyday items stay organised, there are plenty of options for every need, such as storage trays, clothes hangers or hooks to keep everything safely in place while you drive.

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