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Always have your back.


Driving assistance

Focus on the fun ahead.

A combination of driving assistance systems makes sure you’re safe and sound. From the moment you pull out of your parking spot, through every bend on the road, and even in an emergency – we’ve got your back.

Cruise Control

Move with the flow

The cruise control feature makes your ride more comfortable by helping you maintain a consistent speed. Simply select your desired driving speed and go.

LED Front Fog lamps with cornering function

Illumination at its most

The front fog lights give you extra lighting while cornering. When you turn the steering wheel, the front fog directs illumination towards the area you are turning into. Accordingly, you get a better view of potential hazards

Tiredness Recognition System

Time for a break?

The system detects driver fatigue and will provide visual and audible cues until you pull over.

Airbag protection

Instant protection on impact.

The safety you can count on. The SEAT Leon’s 6 airbags system is designed to protect you from every angle.

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